Is it important to maintain the lighting of the aluminum truss

  • Everyone should hope that the aluminum truss stage they buy is of better quality and can be used for a long time. But everyone seems to be mistaken, that is, the quality of the truss is not good, it can be used for a long time. Of course, buying a good quality truss takes longer than using it, but if you don’t take good care of your truss, you won’t use it for a long time.

    Therefore, we should understand some simple aluminum truss stage customization in the maintenance method and the things that need to be paid attention to when using the truss. When building a stage indoors or outdoors, we often use trusses, because trusses can not only play a supporting role, but also protect the safety of workers. Do you know how to maintain the stage truss? The technical staff of the truss factory will explain to you.

    For the maintenance in the customization of aluminum truss stage, it is important to ensure the cleanliness of the trusses. After all, most of them are used outdoors. Sunlight and an environment that is not clean enough outside will make the trusses need to be cleaned. We must remember that when the truss is maintained, do not use old clothes or coarse cloth, which can easily scratch the truss, or use soft cotton cloth. In addition, in the aluminum truss stage customization, it is reminded not to wipe with water diluted with detergent or washing powder, which will easily cause the truss to lose its luster and affect the stage effect. In addition, we can spray wax according to the different profiles of the truss, which is also a maintenance method.