What is the event stage? Does this matter?

  • You must know that trusses are common in life, ranging from street advertising racks to indoor display sheds, swaying in front of you every day, but you don't know the word "truss"! Similarly, people are not familiar with the common stage of activities in life!

    Therefore, when I usually go out to help customers install the stage, people often ask: What is this? At the installation site, someone asked: Is this a stage? It seems that only after the stage is set up will people suddenly realize: This is an event stage!

    Someone may ask again: What does the event stage look like? Is this question important? unimportant.

    Behind this simple problem is people's ignorance of common things, which leads to a lot of similar problems. For example, how to build the stage, how to use the stage steps, what materials are good for the stage, how to increase the stage, how to screw the stage screws...all these things really make guangzhou truss stage equipment factory unexpected: you need to buy the stage and use it, you are not familiar with it. , How does this work?

    To be honest, as a guangzhou truss stage equipment factory, I don’t want to see this. Why?

    From a sales point of view, some hope that customers don’t understand, so that they can be fooled. But in the eyes of guangzhou truss stage equipment factory with a long-term vision, it is hoped that the more customers know the better, so that the stage can be used and durable, so that guangzhou truss stage equipment factory can really benefit: the quality of his stage is good, I buy it back It didn't break after a long time!