It's been known for a while - a new skill

  • Two minutes later, a handful of world pedestrians and RS gold hoppers joined the fray. Another 5 minutes later, some members of the level 132's " all black clan" started to show up. It was like running game's Jerry Springer with steroids! it was a full out black vs white verbal assult! at the time that operation destroy each other verbally was at its peak, there were around 17 people in the dungeon.

    We were, however, racists and flooded our chat boxes when levels 116 spoke. Within a few seconds, the room was empty. Why was it ?.... Hahaha, level 116 was mod! The appearance of the silver crown made half the room be swarming with blue and red ribbons. The people teleported and then logged.

    After a pleasant chat with Mr. Mod, he explained to me that I wasn't among the people receiving messages from jagex. It wasn't my fault. Anyways that was my runescape story of the day. Tell me what you think. (p.s. I discovered some of the scenes on video, so i may upload it to YouTube.

    It's been known for a while - a new skill on RuneScape is being released this year. Millions upon millions of players have speculated and thousands upon thousands of threads were made about it. But this is my first post about the subject. Do I appear to be old-fashioned? Outdated? Are you ready for a brand new pair of pink slippers? You might however, I believe this article may be of interest to you.

    In the latest Q&A thread, Jagex answered a lot of questions about the new technology. We could deduce a few criteria from Jagex's answers. It is possible to determine what type of skill is it by using these criteria. This could be useful as no one is aware of what this new skill will be.

    I've picked the most crucial details. The skill was supposed to be a game in it's own, however it it was transformed into a skill later. It is unlike any other skill in RuneScape. It is not a skill that buy OSRS gold can be used as a substitute for any other ability. Summoning might be likened to Herblore. This will bring a fresh style of play to Runescape. It will be combined all existing skills.