Phase 1 gear is certainly less engaging than Phase

  • The Healer trinkets seem uninteresting for a first-person perspective. I still use Essence of Martyr and Rev Gem as my default. The only thing that really changes is Gem for Eye of Gruul (or Blue Dragon on Nightbane) or WOW Classic TBC Gold Eye of Gruul (or Mag trash). There's Bangle and Warp-Scarab broochs, and Bangle. However, neither of them is particularly powerful.

    They can be replaced, but you will still fall short of the cap on expertise If you do this, as the legs with the 2 off set and the t5 legs aren't have 22 expertise. The majority of pallys agree that we'll continue to carry the legs around for a few days.

    If you have all three, you can remove the pants. However, it is recommended that you keep them as a transition item to use when you transition into p3. I don't know what the non-humans' reactions are in the first place, perhaps they do not take them off not really sure.

    The mace that heals "Trauma" for my resto shaman .... and watching the screen turn green and the smallest of heals going out .... it was the best thing I ever did.

    Edit Trauma, Glowing Twilight Slope because the chain heal is considered to be straight healing, even on the following hops. I could literally heal 20 raid members simultaneously.

    Edit Edit: The 4 pieces of tier 10 armor which caused your target to receive chain heal crits also improved their healing by 25% over the course of time. This also added to the insane output you can get as a resto shaman.

    Chainheal was never driven by gears to be a great product. But holy balls did getting this stuff make it an absolute game changer. It can transform you from the status of a "really good healer to a straight-up "god-tier"

    Phase 1 gear is certainly less engaging than Phase 1 Classic. This is due to the fact that you have a larger amount of loot and more options for you to farm or select from. I had two healing weapons throughout the course of Classic cause the KT Hammer did not drop. We're only at phase one however, I had many choices to choose from and each phase comes with different healing weapons. Although there is no super famous item, such as Benediction the upgrade of every one will provide a great memory.

    It's mostly because in TBC the items are more balanced and there are multiple options for particular slots. Vanilla equipment is not as memorable than TBC. Yet, players remember broken things like cheap WOW TBC Gold HoJ Reju gemstones and edgemasters, which are superior to any other item that is slot-specific.