Jagex is expanding the content they offer

  • The keep also houses the Parliament room and majority of RS gold the vast spaces that are used by the citadel. If you sit near the edge, the speaker won't be audible to you. If you crowd together, you could be meeting in a different location. Why does your clan even get together for games? What's the point of having there, in the prime space?

    Clan avatars. This is a lot of work and very little rewards. It's not much. Battlefields. They are fantastic tech, but is anyone actually making use of them? If people want a war then they head to Clan Wars or the Wilderness. Battlefields are more likely to be one-sided than just odd.

    The clan citadel is not worth anything in runescape. The clan cape has three stars and the vexillum is ablaze with fireworks. Is that really it? Every member of the clan never visits your citadel, except you.

    My clan is not trying to reach tier 7 despite the fact that we enjoy the xp. Sal's Realm official clan is. Clan citadels are what you like, why? Are you an avid fan? Do you think it is possible to like them? I am looking forward to an interesting discussion on the Clan Citadel update that was launched more than a year ago, and was tweaked up to the latest Clan avatar update.

    Jagex is expanding the content they offer in their game. This isn't a new phenomenon, but it's becoming more prevalent. By timed content I mean content that you can only take part in before you can move on, while generally giving you greater rewards: weekly training activities like the circus, random events like the evil tree, and even just limited 'chunk of xp' games like Troll Invasion which can only be played once per month.

    The trend today is not to add an additional level to a skill, like the living rocks caverns did to mine (for instance) instead, it is to include something with varying levels of proficiency for different levels of xp, such as fish Flingers. This is good since it isn't a grind and reduces the effect of bots. If you time things well you will gain more xp for each hour spent learning buy RuneScape gold the skill. In order to maximize the gains in xp, there's a sense of obligation to do these things.