Worse, the old era is long gone. It wasn't my intention

  • I think the Sylvanas/Bolvar 'pre-patch cinematic was pretty strong and WOW TBC Gold I would rate it higher, just because of the twist ending - the explosion of the sky was shocking. However, I completely forgot about the "Beyond the Veil" film, which was the official trailer of the game. It's a shame because the animation is absolutely stunning, but it's completely forgettable and insignificant.

    I'm contemplating getting back into WoW (was big into it prior to the start of Cataclysm. I absolutely loved the game all the way through WotLK and I'm considering changing my mind about retail and going with Classic or Classic TBC. I've been confused about the way that Classic and Classic TBC function. If I make the character in Classic does this mean I'll never be able to utilize that character for Classic TBC content? If I make the Classic TBC character and they put out Classic WotLK will I not be able of using this character in Classic WotLK content? I'm confused about how old games progress, and I would like to know if anyone could help me understand the process.

    Many in the WoW community want a plain WoW reboot. A classic+ similar to OSRS. We're hoping for more content, new raids, new zones, world bosses that are new More social encounters throughout the game's journey. Things such as Grim Batol, hyjal could be explored and implemented. Classes can be adjusted so that paladins are taunted or a mana issue is reduced for all specs, improve the quality of itemization so that players actually make use of their tier gear. TBC abilities could change the game and make it more enjoyable and alter it drastically. Seasons of mastery has not yet seen many exciting new changes. It is my intention to point out that vanilla can be made better through small adjustments. Azeroth changes can provide a lively and fun gaming experience.

    It's really frustrating to see blizzard half ass their new style of reboot. You get double speed, the same loot distribution plus increased boss health and an increase in speed. This is the recipe for loot chaos and guild collapse. Although I'm not a huge fan of buffs to the world, it's not an activity I'm keen on doing twice as much when using the same old mechanics. Naxx takes twice as long for the same gear and it will not be as satisfying as there's nothing brand new to be found. It's the same raid like before, etc.

    Worse, the old era is long gone. It wasn't my intention that it would retain an enormous number of players, but the cost of cloning characters destroyed it. Because no one likes to waste their time, new comers aren't accepted. It can take months to get leveled, but it's not worth it even if your server is not working.

    Vanilla/classic WoW offers such an ideal chance to revive WoW and build on its heritage. They could do an OSRS departure that lets us actually anticipate new content patches. It's disappointing to buy WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold see Blizzard doing so little for classic WoW. We don't get nearly the same amount of attention as retail players. I'm quite disappointed.