They aren't upgradeable and require twice

  • It's hard to understand why people would create goals based on RS gold content when the game is so lacking in content. If you're a fan of the idea of questing, something you can achieve with 70+ skill It takes just an hour to earn the quest cape. Personally, I wouldn't simplify the game, as many updates have done. It's already easy enough tbh, all you need is time.

    Because you are dependent upon the abilities of four other people, dungeoneering is not a skill. If Jagex made solo dungeoneering with up to 350k exp/hour, then I think it would be more of a skill. Post may have just been an unorganized mess of thoughts by my main argument is this: I think that if you eliminate the grind you remove a lot of the fun.

    To be precise, I believe runescape doesn't have any really excellent endgame other than personal achievement. When you remove the achievement, you take away runescape tbh.

    Some good points were raised particularly in relation to the elimination of large parts of the game, and the ineffective setting of huge content objectives. Your quest point is valid, however, it doesn't seem to be true any longer. A player who is 70+ can no longer be able to complete all quests. Because quests are the reason I raise my abilities, it's very significant. I have noticed a huge increase in the skill sets I need. The quest cape will need the 76th defense and constitution mining, timbercutting, and crafting, 77 agility, strength, attack and power, 80 magic, and 74smithing, theft and firemaking.

    They aren't upgradeable and require twice the time at the top of the scale than requirements 70 or less. They are all sequels of quests that I could finish with ease, or at the very minimum 70ish statistics. This is why I think that running games force players to grind in certain areas. This isn't right.

    I'd prefer to see abilities like dungeoneering that take skill (and maybe a team, which I believe is an extremely powerful and interesting idea introduced with that skill) and see those principles applied to other things. Agility would make for an enjoyable experience, and a lot more enjoyable gameplay.

    While it's not going to simplify the game but it will make cheap RuneScape gold it easier and take less time. As you've stated, the game is simple enough. It's all about the time. If you make it more difficult and move faster, you will have a better game.