Is Animal Crossing: New Horizons a game that Nintendo has aband



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    The E3 Nintendo Direct showcased a few new games, including Metroid 5, as well as gameplay for the highly anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel, which was shown for the first time. Nintendo Directs are notorious for being hit or miss depending on who is watching, but Animal Crossing: New Horizons was conspicuously absent from this event. Despite the fact that New Horizons has been in desperate need of an update for almost a year, there was not a single mention of the game during the 40-minute presentation.



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    There were a lot of expectations for this year's E3 Nintendo Direct, including the release of the Switch Pro, which has yet to be announced. Perhaps it was the high expectations that contributed to the level of fan disappointment, but the fact that one of Nintendo's best-selling titles was not even mentioned during the presentation was a strange omission from the event. The expectation that Nintendo would want to continue supporting such a popular game is not unreasonable - especially given the company's previous statements. However, animal crossing bells for sale so far, the support has only consisted of holiday events and a few items with Mario themes. Even the holiday events that are returning from the previous year don't appear to have undergone many changes this year. With the exception of a few new items, the Bunny Day event was nearly identical to the previous one. The same can be said for the Wedding Event and Museum Day, both of which are free.



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    Perhaps the company has decided that the game does not require any further ACNH bells for sale  and has moved on to other projects, such as Breath of the Wild 2. Especially given how little content this title has in comparison to other Animal Crossing games, this would be extremely disappointing. If Nintendo is paying any attention to what fans are asking for, it hasn't demonstrated it. With no new content or even quality of life improvements on the horizon, the future of the latest Animal Crossing game does not look promising.