the first five villagers to arrive on each New Horizons island

  • Each villager has their own set of interests, styles, and aesthetics that distinguish them from the others. The interior design of a villager's home is one of the most expressive ways in which they can express their individuality in Animal Crossing.

    ACNH item is distinguished by the fact that each villager's home exterior and interior is distinct. The interior of the same villager's home, on the other hand, can differ from other iterations depending on where on the island you are. By way of example, the first five villagers to arrive on each New Horizons island will be provided with default home interiors that are representative of their general personality type. A collection of items that have been gifted to a villager throughout the course of Animal Crossing will be displayed in their home. The interiors of villagers' homes are constantly changing as they redecorate on a daily basis.

    Visits to villagers' homes in ACNH are interesting because they allow visitors to see how they live their personal lives; however, the houses themselves are full of information about the villagers. The appearance, personality type, hobbies, and preferences of each villager are incorporated into the design of New Horizons' homes, resulting in a unique experience in each residence. The interiors of these Animal Crossing villagers are some of the cutest you'll find anywhere in the game.

    For years, Marshal has been a popular villager in the buy cheap ACNH items, thanks to his marshmallow-like design and his upbeat personality. The interior of this smug squirrel villager, on the other hand, might just be as adorable as he is. Marshal's New Horizons residence also serves as a private café. Several iron items are used to create a warm and inviting environment in which to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or a cup of tea in the afternoon. It is the dark wood used throughout the design that complements the delicate-blooms wallpaper in blue perfectly. Additional features include an upright piano in the northwest corner, which Marshal is sure to appreciate given his interest in music.

    With a few Zodiac conversation pieces, she has decided on a frozen theme for her interior in New Horizons, which she has decorated with. Of course, an ice palace is the ideal setting for Aurora, who lives in a penguin village like everyone else. While the astrological items are more general in nature, they are more personal to her as a person. The name Aurora is most likely a reference to the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. The urns are the perfect finishing touch for her birthday, which falls on January 27th, which falls during the Aquarius season.

    Celia is a typical eagle villager in the Acne Canyons National Heritage Area. Natural history is a passion of hers, as evidenced by the botanical wallpaper, plants, and lily record player in her room. There are also several pieces of rattan furniture in her home, including the bed, vanity, wardrobe, and tables, all of which are from the collection. Celia's house is mostly white, but there are a few green accents scattered throughout the interior, which correspond to her own feathers. When viewed as a whole, Celia's home is clean, natural, and one of the most charming villager interiors in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, according to the author.