Engineering Leveling (0-200): A New World Guide for the New Mil

  • To have a good time in New World, you must do more than just kill monsters and complete quests to have a good time. Among the many professions and trade skills available in this life skill MMO, engineers are one of the most prominent, accounting for a significant portion of the overall gameplay experience. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of leveling up your Engineering skill in new world gold, allowing you to create more powerful items as you progress.



    In the field of Cheap new world gold Engineering, it is important to level the playing field.

    There are a total of seven different trade skills available in buy NW coins, all of which are based on crafting. A profession in the game allows players to specialize in crafting while also earning a living through trading, which is the primary source of income in the game.

    Ranged weapons, such as bows and muskets, as well as the ammunition required for these weapons, can be crafted with the Engineering trade skill, which is a subset of the Crafting Trade and can be learned through experience.

    The Workshops and the Forge are excellent places to conduct engineering work. For the production of ranged weapons and ammunition, workshops are used; the Forge, on the other hand, is used for the production of melee weapons. Settlement workshops and forges can be found in almost all settlements and towns, and by taking part in Town Projects, you can help to raise the tier of a settlement's workshop or forge to a more advanced level.

    The fact that certain items can only be crafted at a specific tier level necessitated the addition of higher tiers to your workshop.

    Competencies that are interconnected

    Having a few additional skills that will complement Engineering, on the other hand, will allow you to advance much more quickly in your professional life. Just a few of the skills that are highly recommended as "companion skills" are as follows:

    Leather-making is a craft that takes time and effort.

    How to Get Rid of It

    Keeping a journal

    Weaving Has a Number of Advantages

    Due to the fact that weapons and ammunition are among the most basic necessities in the NW coins, it is understandable that these will sell like hotcakes when they become available. In the market, high-level engineers who design and build weapons of superior quality and high Gear Score will be highly sought-after by buyers.

    The Azoth tool increases your chances of receiving perks when you use it while crafting your tools, and you can use it at any time. Spend the money you made from selling tools on some high-quality food, which will provide you with the energy you require to craft beyond your current capabilities.

    You must improve your engineering abilities in order to produce better products. You should have no trouble completing the task of increasing your engineering skill level because it is relatively simple.

    It is the only way to advance your crafting abilities that you must create a large number of items in one sitting. Every item you create earns you experience points, which can be used to progress further in the game and unlock new features.

    Aside from that, leveling up allows you to unlock a variety of recipes, and it can also provide you with the same recipes that you previously had, but with a variety of additional advantages.

    Additionally, the ability to craft Proficiency Boosters is available, which requires only the possession of water, soul, and air motes to complete. It is required that you have reached engineering level 20 and have improved your harvesting abilities before you can do so.

    If you want to improve your crafting abilities, we recommend that you start by selecting items from the lower tiers of the game. It's one of the reasons for this is that as you progress through levels, the price of the recipes rises in tandem with the level progression.

    When they become inaccessible, it becomes difficult to advance in the game's hierarchy because they can be twice as expensive as the market price. You can also collect lower-tier items in greater quantities for half the price of what they would have cost originally if purchased separately.

    There are levels ranging from 0 to 50 available.

    580 pieces of charcoal 232 pieces of flint (two of each type) 580 pieces of charcoal

    116 times the amount of saltpeter (one teaspoon for each person)

    A total of 51 Treated Wood Bows must be crafted in order for the player to progress from level 50 to level 63 in the game. In order to complete this task, you will need the materials listed below:

    612 pieces of rawhide (12 pieces of each type) are required.

    The number of fibers is 408 (each with 8 fibers).

    There are a total of 63 to 78 levels available.

    5328 x Green Wood (each with 48 pieces) 5328 x Green Wood

    A total of 888 fibers (each containing 8 fibers) are used.

    Levels 78 to 80 are available for purchase.

    In order to progress from level 78 to level 80 in the game, a total of seven Dryad Walking Sticks must be collected. In order to complete this task, you will need the materials listed below:

    Each of the 420 pieces of Green Wood is made up of 60 pieces.

    112 pieces of Silver Ore (each containing 16 pieces)

    Fae Iron: 28 pieces (four of each type).

    There are levels ranging from 80 to 100 available.

    Hunter's Longshot is required in order to progress from level 80 to level 100. It can be crafted once the player reaches level 86. In order to complete this task, you will need the materials listed below:

    5160 x Green Wood (each with 60 pieces) 5160 x Green Wood

    1376 pieces of Silver Ore (each containing 16 pieces)

    There are levels 100 to 105 available.

    Wyrdwood (each with 72 pieces): 1008 x Wyrdwood

    1344 pieces of Aged Wood (each containing 96 pieces)

    Green Wood (each with 192 pieces): 2688 pieces total.

    1 x Iron Ore (each with 20 pieces) 280 pieces

    There are levels 105 to 110 available.

    A total of 45 Laquered Wood Spears must be crafted in order to progress from level 105 to level 110 in the game. In order to complete this task, you will need the materials listed below:

    Each of the 1980 pieces is made of aged wood (there are a total of 44 pieces in each piece).

    3960 x Green Wood (each with 88 pieces) 3960 x Green Wood

    900 pieces of Iron Ore (each containing 20 pieces)

    There are levels 110 to 125 available.

    For Level 110 to Level 125, you will need to craft 186 Aged Wood Fishing Poles, which will take you about an hour to complete. In order to complete this task, you will need the materials listed below:

    Aged Wood (each with 52 pieces): 9672 pieces

    A total of 2418 pieces of coarse sandpaper (each with 13 sheets) were used.

    fourteen hundred eighty-two fibers (each containing eight fibers)

    There are levels 125 to 130 available.

    Making a total of 81 Starmetal Arrows is required to move from level 125 up to level 130 in order to advance in the game. In order to complete this task, you will need the materials listed below:

    Iron Ore (each containing 48 x Iron Ore) 3912 x Iron Ore

    3260 pieces of aged wood (40 pieces of each type) were used in this project.

    (each containing 12 pieces) 978 x Wyrdwood

    Four hundred and eighty-nine sheets of coarse sandpaper (each with six sheets)

    There are levels 130 to 160 available.

    Crafting 107 is a class that teaches you how to make things. When playing the game, you must have Wyrdwood Spears to advance from level 130 to level 160. In order to complete this task, you will need the materials listed below:

    There are 7704 pieces of Wyrdwood (each with 72 pieces).

    The number of green wood pieces is 20544 (each with 192 pieces).

    Iron Ore (each weighing 20 lbs.) 2140 x Iron Ore

    A total of 856 x Rawhide (eight of each type).

    There are levels 160 to 175 available.

    7865 x Starmetal Ore (each containing 12 pieces), total of 7865 pieces

    Each containing 48 x Iron Ore, 31461 x Iron Ore, and so on.

    Sand Flux (each with six units) = 3933 x Sand Flux

    Each Wyrdwood piece has 12 pieces, for a total of 7865.

    Green Wood (each with 32 pieces): 20974 pieces (total of 20974 pieces).

    Sixty-six feathers of various types (three of each type).

    According to the game, in order to advance from level 175 to level 200, you'll need 950 x Orichalcum Arrow (or equivalent). In order to complete this task, you will need the materials listed below:

    Orichalcum Ore (each containing eight pieces): 7600 x

    11400 pieces of Starmetal Ore (each containing 12 pieces)

    A total of 57000 pieces of Aged Wood (each with 60 pieces)

    Ironwood (each with 16 pieces): 15200 x Ironwood

    Wyrdwood (each with 24 pieces): 22800 x Wyrdwood

    60800 x Green Wood (each with 64 pieces) 60800 x Red Wood (each with 64 pieces) 60800 x Blue Wood

    Achieving level 200 for engineers is only possible after they've crafted the required number of items. Once you have reached this level, you can continue to level up your other Trade Skills until you reach the maximum level of 300 possible.