Make use of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons items that can be

  • TomNook will inform you that he has devised a strategy to attract more islanders after the bridge is constructed and completed. Once the bridge is constructed and completed, you can return to TomNook. The three housing sites, which will be located somewhere on the island, will be provided to you by him, along with some useful recipes for making your own versions of all of the items. Fortunately, at this time, one of the items required for each home is a much-needed ladder, which is a welcome development. Each house has three interior and three exterior do-it-yourself projects, and your mission is to locate and complete three interior and three exterior projects for each house.

    In front of the house, you'll place the interior pieces in a small box, and the exterior pieces will be placed in the yard. If you get lost or confused, you can refer to the small building boxes outside of the home base to see which pieces each house requires. Once you've finished creating all 18 pieces and arranging them in their respective boxes, you'll be able to see which pieces are required by each of the four houses. You will be able to unlock the ability to construct additional bridges and ramps once you have completed this new structure.

    Tilt allows you to reposition buildings that have already been placed, giving ACNH items more options for customizing your living environment. All that is required of you is a conversation with Tom Nuke about your situation. agreement between the visitor and Tom Nook in order to come to a conclusion

    Continually place housing plots and recruit additional villagers to your island until you have a total of at least eight villagers; however, if buy ACNH items want to continue growing and recruiting additional villagers until you have an overall total of ten, that's not a problem; you can do so. Your primary focus right now is to raise your island's island rating to three stars, which you can do because you've already unlocked the ability to use the island star system, which is also known as the ability to use the island rating system, which you can do because you've already unlocked the ability to use the island rating system.

    The island's star rating as well as information on what to do and see on the island can be obtained by speaking with Isabel at any time. Please keep your ears and eyes peeled when she instructs you on what you should do in order to improve your island star rating because she will be telling you exactly what you should do in order to improve your island star rating. It is recommended that you watch my other video in which  explain what you need to do to decorate your island in order to achieve a three star rating if you are attempting to obtain a three star rating for your island. A link to that video will be included in the description of this video, as has become customary.

    To watch the video, click here. Keep an eye on Isabel to see where you stand right now and what you need to do next, and then when your island has earned three stars, ACNH nook miles can celebrate with friends and family. I have a comprehensive collection of playlists that include helpful hints. Currently, I'm working on a comprehensive series of playlists containing animal-related tips and tricks that will be released in the near future.