The Ultimate Flooring Guide: SPC Vinyl Flooring SPC Laminate Fl

  • Welcome to The Ultimate Flooring Guide, a new monthly blog series that will shine a spotlight on the wide variety of tiled flooring options available to you.  Today, we're going to talk about SPC vinyl flooring, which is a cutting-edge vinyl flooring product that's quickly gaining popularity.  But what exactly is SPC flooring, what are the advantages of using it, and which interior design approaches does it work best with? Let's take a look. . .  

    What is SPC vinyl flooring, and how does it work?

    SPC is the most up-to-date flooring technology available.  In order to create a one-of-a-kind vinyl plank, it cleverly combines the aesthetic benefits of wood with the practical benefits of stone.

    Stone plastic composite (SPC) is an abbreviation.  That is to say, SPC vinyl plank flooring is engineered using a combination of limestone and stabilizers, which results in a core that is exceptionally durable.  SPC vinyl flooring, distinguished by its multiple layers, not only provides all of the functional and aesthetic benefits of standard vinyl floor tiles, but also enhances these benefits through a rigorously practical design.

    What is the manufacturing process for SPC vinyl plank flooring?

    SPC vinyl flooring is created through a layered construction process. . As a result, SPC vinyl has several functional layers, including:

    UV coating – by acting as a final protective layer, the UV coating helps to prevent discoloration caused by sunlight exposure.

    In addition to contributing to SPC vinyl's refined stain and scratch resistance, the wear layer is a transparent top coating that is applied to the vinyl plank to protect it from the elements.

    The vinyl top coat layer is a thin layer of vinyl that helps to ensure that the flooring is watertight and resistant to stains.  This layer will also serve as the primary aesthetic layer, projecting the pattern, texture, and overall appearance of the flooring onto the surface beneath it.

    This is the base layer of the SPC core, which is created by engineering a combination of limestone and stabilisers to form a reinforced and durable core, as previously mentioned.

    In addition to the underlayer, SPC vinyl tiles can be installed with a foam or cork underlay to help reduce noise and soften the impact beneath your feet.

    SPC Vinyl Flooring Has a Variety of Advantages

    The fact that SPC vinyl flooring has a number of advantages over other types of flooring when used in both domestic and commercial settings will come as no surprise given the fact that it is constructed using a unique and distinctive process.

    Thermal stability: Because of the extremely durable SPC core, SPC vinyl tiles will maintain their stability in environments where temperatures are subject to change, such as those with air conditioning or heating systems.

    Convenience of installation: SPC vinyl plank flooring is simple to install with a no-nonsense click-lock tongue and groove installation that requires no special tools – no additional tools are required.

    Despite the fact that the price of your SPC vinyl floor tiles will vary depending on whether you choose optional underlayers, SPC vinyl flooring is typically a cost-effective flooring alternative that is often very budget-friendly.

    Complete protection against splashes and spills: SPC vinyl floor tiles are completely waterproof, providing complete protection against splashes and spills

    Noise reduction: Because of the dense core of SPC vinyl flooring, this flooring is typically quiet underfoot, never sounding hollow – especially if you choose a noise-reducing underlayer.

    Cleaning and maintenance are straightforward: cheap SPC Vinly Floor was created with ease of maintenance in mind, and all that is required is a regular sweep and mop to keep it looking its best.

    As a result of the thick, multi-layer composition of the SPC vinyl plank flooring, there is a noticeable cushioning beneath the feet.  This finish is, of course, even softer when you use an underlayment to protect it.

    SPC vinyl flooring versus LVT flooring

    The first thing that comes to mind when you think of vinyl flooring is likely to be LVT flooring, which stands for luxury vinyl tile.  Known as luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), they share many of the same aesthetic and practical characteristics as their SPC counterparts, including durability.

    However, there are a few subtle distinctions to note:

    Thickness – Due to the additional layers of SPC vinyl flooring, it is thicker than LVT flooring.  When it comes to thickness, SPC vinyl flooring is typically 4mm to 6mm thick, whereas LVT is typically 4mm thick or less.  Sturdiness – the extra thickness of SPC vinyl flooring contributes to a more sturdy composition than LVT.

    Unlike SPC vinyl plank flooring, which has a stone plastic composite core, LVT vinyl plank flooring has a softer, more flexible PVC core.

    Beauty – While advances in digital printing have resulted in significant improvements in the aesthetic quality of both SPC and LVT flooring in recent years, SPC vinyl flooring frequently boasts a more realistic appearance, texture, and feel than LVT flooring.

    When and where should SPC vinyl flooring be installed?

    For home and business owners who want to breathe new life into their interiors, SPC vinyl flooring is becoming an increasingly popular option.  In addition to being a 100% waterproof flooring solution, SPC vinyl plank flooring is frequently found in areas such as the bathroom and kitchen – here are just a few of the ways you can get in on the action:

    In the ladies' room

    Embrace the beauty of nature in your bathroom design by returning to the much-loved natural aesthetic of stone and wood that has been popular for years.  With Oak Wood Effect SPC Vinyl bathroom floor tiles, you can create a classic rustic feel in your bathroom.  Use similar colors and textures on your bathroom walls to create a cohesive natural feel.  Add some greenery and other organic materials to complete the look for the perfect finishing touch.

    Make your way to the dark side – a dark, moody color palette can do wonders for creating a chic, luxurious atmosphere in your bathroom.  To create the ultimate dark aesthetic, pair Midnight Forest SPC vinyl bathroom floor tiles with shiny chrome features for a dramatic effect.

    In the kitchen, there is a lot going on.

    Embrace tradition – traditional kitchen interiors incorporate classic elements of traditional kitchen designs to create a rustic, homey atmosphere.  Maintaining a traditional aesthetic while championing elements of cottagecore and minimalism along the way, assert a traditional aesthetic with realistic wood-look vinyl, such as our Grey Oak Wood Effect tiles, for instance.


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    Be bold and embrace the urban – for those who prefer the contemporary over the traditional, create a smooth urban aesthetic in your kitchen by emphasizing dark shades, industrial textures, and a distinct atmosphere.  What is the most appropriate place to begin? Incorporate sleek urban-toned flooring, such as our Smoked Grey Wood Effect SPC tiles, which are offset with brushed metallic and glass accents, to create a contemporary urban atmosphere.