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  • The winter season hasn't come to an end in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which means that snow will continue to cover the ground on most islands for some time. Making snowmen, catching snowflakes, and obtaining special winter recipes are all possible activities now that snow has been added to the game world.

    Seasonal events and recipes are still available to players in ACNH bells for sale until the end of February, so they still have time to participate in winter-themed activities and collect the recipes they haven't collected yet. Despite the fact that snow begins to fall in November, it does not begin to accumulate until December, giving players until December to February to begin their winter activities.

    When Does the Snow Disappear in the Adirondacks?

    In New Horizons, the snow will begin to thaw around Feb. 25, which is seven days after winter officially ends. This means that players will be able to begin actually working on their island for the new year sometime after February 25, and you will be able to see the grass for the first time after that date. While the timing of the melting of snow varies from island to island, most players will notice their snow melting away before February 25, while others will not notice it until the day of the event.

    The days will start to grow longer, just as they do in real life, as well. In winter, the sun sets earlier than it does in the summer, but this will return to normal sometime around the beginning of February. Throughout the Animal Crossing series, the weather plays a role, changing on a daily basis and reflecting the seasons. Winter snowstorms, late summer rainstorms, and the clear skies of early summer are all examples of notable weather changes that have occurred. Weather is mentioned by villagers, influenced by the flora and fauna in the player's town, and, most importantly, reflected by the seasons and the time of year, all of which contribute to a more immersive gaming experience.

    Snowballs appear all over town on a daily basis during the winter months, and they can be rolled into Snow People. Additional snowflakes will fly around town in New Leaf and New Horizons and can be caught with a net in these two games as well. When it snows, the town's music changes slightly, with sleigh bell sounds interspersed throughout each piece. Snow hydrates wilted flowers in the same way that rain does, without the need for a watering can. Villagers who are out in the cold during the winter may express their displeasure with the amount of snow or the cold.

    New Horizons' radar can detect snowfall on the 10th of December (or on the 10th of June on a Southern Hemisphere island in the case of New Horizons), resulting in snow sticking to the ground the following day. Because of a bug in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, on certain calendar patterns where the 10th falls on a Saturday, it will not snow due to the fact that it will conflict with the Fishing Tourney on that particular Saturday.

    The good news for those who are waiting for the snow to melt is that you don't have to wait for very long. According to information from the Official Buy ACNH NMT Companion Guide, the snow that has accumulated on the roofs of the houses and the ground of the island should be gone by no later than February 24th.


    After that, the weather in nMT animal crossing returns to that of Spring. This means that the weather will be mostly sunny with a few cloudy and rainy days thrown in for good measure. It also means that we are back to the first set of weather conditions that many players would have encountered if they had purchased the game when it first became available. The return of many bugs and fish, as well as the return of Bamboo Shoots, mark the beginning of Spring, which also marks the beginning of Cherry Blossom season, one of the most beautiful events in the game. Every year, from April 1 to April 10, this event takes place.


    Pavé and his festival, Festivale, will be returning in the near future, and we can look forward to that. This is a massive party in which players can exchange feathers for a variety of dance moves with the party-loving peacock in exchange for returning feathers. Nintendo has already hinted that we will be receiving a variety of Super Mario furniture items as part of the game as a result of this announcement. Who knows what will happen after the Mario event. However, the possibilities are endless, especially if the game continues to sell as well as it currently does! Days will begin to grow longer as the calendar year progresses in a manner similar to how they do in real life as time passes. It should be possible to resume normal activities around the beginning of February, notwithstanding the fact that the sun sets earlier in the winter than it does in the summer. Weather plays an important role in the Animal Crossing series, changing on a daily basis and changing in accordance with the changing seasons as players progress through the game.