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  • Please find below our guide to Gambling in Diablo II: Resurrection. A look at how gambling works in Diablo II: Resurrected, the facts and myths surrounding gambling, when and for what you should gamble, and how to prepare for gambling (yes, there is such a thing!) are all covered in this guide.

    What is the point of gambling? If you have the gold to spare, it's actually one of the more straightforward methods of acquiring high-level pieces in the game. Being guaranteed at least one Magic-quality item, with a 1 in 10 chance of receiving a Rare, it's not a bad way to equip low-level characters in the beginning of their journey. At higher levels, it may be more convenient to create a character whose sole purpose is to farm gold, with the gold then being used to gamble for Set and Unique cheap Diablo 2 resurrected ladder items. Because Gambling allows you to specifically target the type of item you're looking for, many players find that combining a gold-finding character with Gambling is an excellent way to locate elusive items.


    To get the most out of your gambling experience, you must first understand how the system operates.

    The Best Ways to Gamble in Diablo II: Resurrection

    There is one NPC with whom you can gamble in every main town, in every act, and on every difficulty level in the game. In its most basic form, gambling is simply the act of purchasing unknown items from a gambling vendor at a high markup in the hopes of receiving an item that is worth even more.

    It makes no difference which gambling NPC you visit, what act you're in, or even what difficulty level you're playing on. Your character level and a variety of random factors, none of which have anything to do with the gambling NPC, are factored into the formula that determines what is available and how it rolls.

    Following is a list of the five (really, six) gambling NPCs found in each of the five Act towns:

    A simple game of chance can be found in Act I: Gheed. Act II: Elzik. Act III: Alkor. Act IV: Jamella. And Act V: Nihlathak, who is replaced by Anya after saving her from Nihlathak.

    When you interact with a gambling NPC, you will be presented with a list of dialogue options, one of which is Gamble.

    The Gambling window is displayed as a result of this action. Included in this package are 14 unidentified items, including at least 1 Ring, 1 Amulet, and 12 other randomly-selected items, all of which can be obtained by gambling at your character level (cLvl). More rings and amulets can be added to this collection.

    The amount of money you have available for gambling is displayed at the bottom of the screen, along with a Refresh button. You can use the Refresh button to generate a new screen with different items by pressing the button. This is extremely useful if you are looking for a specific item or a specific phrase.

    When you hover your mouse cursor over an item in the Gambling window, you will see the cost as well as the base item type. The base item type is extremely important, especially at higher levels, where different base items can have icons that are very similar to one another.

    The cost of gambling an item is significantly higher than the cost of purchasing a normal or Magic-quality item from the majority of vendors. When purchased from a vendor, a normal Javelin costs 240 gold; an unidentified Javelin costs 982 gold when gambled on at level 1. As you progress through the levels, the cost of gambling increases for all items, with the exception of rings and amulets. When it comes to gambling, rings always cost 50,000 gold, and amulets always cost 63,000 gold. Gearing, which will be discussed later in this guide, can help you to lower this cost significantly.

    An Overview of How Gambling Works

    You will notice two things as soon as you open a gambling window:

    The system rolls the dice, and 14 items appear in the window as a result. There will always be at least one ring and one amulet in this set.

    The types of D2R switch runes that appear are determined by the character's level (cLvl), which is determined by the system.

    The following formula is used to determine the generated item level of gambled gear, as well as possible upgrades and magical affixes on Magic or Rare items: ilvl = Clvl +4/-5

    Only item types that fall within that level range will be available for wagering in the gambling window. Using a cLvl 1 character, it will not display any items with a higher base iLvl than 5. For example, you will see Light Boots with an iLvl of 3, but you will not see Heavy Boots with an iLvl of 7 until you reach cLvl 3 or higher.

    Following the selection of an item for gambling, a number of additional dice rolls occur before the item appears in your Inventory:

    If the iLevel allows it, the system determines whether the item upgrades to an Exceptional or Elite version of the base item that was originally selected.

    Rarity is determined by rolling the dice (Magic, Rare, Set, and Unique).

    The item's type, rarity, and iLevel are used to determine whether it is Magic or Rare. If it is Magic or Rare, the item then rolls for any magic affixes/prefixes that match the item's type, rarity, and iLevel.

    The differences between Exceptional and Elite upgrades are explained further down in the Base Gear section. Even though magic affixes (such as +1 Strength or +1 Magic find or +1 Resistance) are generated at random, they have restrictions based on the gear type, quality type, and item level that must be followed.

    If the item rolls Magic or Rare, its iLvl and affixes will be generated within the cLvl +4/-5 range if the item rolls Magic or Rare, respectively. The item will roll whatever it has in terms of a fixed iLvl, a minimum character level, and properties if you get an item that rolls as Unique or Set. However, you will not be able to obtain D2R PC runewords that are higher in level than your current level range. When you're level 80 and rolling on Heavy Gloves that roll Unique, you could end up with Bloodfist heavy gloves (ilvl 12) if the gloves remain in Normal quality, Gravepalm sharkskin gloves (ilvl 39) if the gloves are also upgraded to Exceptional, or Dracul's Grasp vampirebone gloves (ilvl 84) when the gloves are upgraded to Elite. In order to obtain the Dracul's Grasp gloves, you must be level 78 or higher; otherwise, you will be unable to do so because your level is insufficient for those to roll.

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