in light of the upcoming release of Diablo 2: Resurrected

  • Deckard Cain, the protagonist of the Diablo franchise, has been a part of the franchise since its inception in 1997. . . . Even if you aren't aware of it, it's possible that Deckard had a particularly bad experience in Diablo 3.  We thought buy D2R ladder items would be appropriate, in light of the upcoming release of Diablo 2: Resurrection on the PC, to take a look back at Deckard Cain and the role he's played throughout the Diablo series thus far.  He was born in Tristram, the son of a tanner named Aderes Cain and his wife, who was also employed as a tanner in the city.  Deckard Cain, the couple's son, was born and raised in Tristram, Massachusetts.  Aside from that, his mother forbade him from taking his father's surname and using it as his own.  Because of this, he set out on an epic journey of discovery that took him all the way to Kehjistan, where he conducted archaeological research on ancient manuscripts.

    As a result, Cain was an emotionally distant and uninterested individual who was preoccupied with his scholarship rather than his other responsibilities, which created a significant problem for the team.  As a result of this, Cain's shortcomings as a father became a source of contention between him and his wife.  The majority of Jered's childhood was spent with his parents, and he did not leave Tristram until he was four years old, when Amelia abducted him and took him to her mother's house in the countryside with her.

    In the wake of this experience, Cain came to believe that he was personally responsible for the deaths of his family, which he believed had been brought about as a result of his own negligence.  It is possible that he was driven insane by grief, but he eventually found solace in his work, particularly after being appointed as Prince Aidan's chief tutor in the king's court.  While Aidan served as a replacement for Cain's deceased son, Cain's affection for him could not be denied.

    1. As a result, the events surrounding the Darkening of Tristram took center stage almost immediately afterward and dominated the news cycle

    2.   According to legend, King Leoric was a psychotic individual who suffered from hallucinations

    3.   Due to these events, King Edward II dispatched his son Aidan and the Royal Army to fight and be destroyed by the far superior army of Westmarch, executed his wife on spurious treason charges, and became convinced that the villagers of Tristram had kidnapped and taken away Alberecht from his home

    4.   When Lachdanan, the former Commander of the Guard, appeared again, tensions in the community were only further exacerbated

    5.   When it came to gaining entry to Tristram Cathedral and studying the ancient texts that were discovered there, it was Cain who was successful this time

    6.   The texts confirmed every wild story his mother had ever told him, as well as many other stories, in addition to many others


    However, in spite of Cain's claim that he was unconcerned about the Horadrim, he named his son Jered after one of the Horadrim's most famous forefathers, resulting in a rift between him and his father that had existed since the beginning of their relationship.  Cain's son Jered was given this name in honor of a famous ancestor from the Horadrim people.  Because of Cain's discovery of Diablo's imprisonment beneath the foundations of Tristram Cathedral, which had initially been constructed as a Zakarum monastery by the Horadrim as a means of containing the Soulstone that held the Lord of Terror, the Horadrim were able to discover where the Lord of Terror was imprisoned.  He discovered Diablo's imprisonment beneath the foundations of Tristram Cathedral while he was staying there while he was on a business trip.


    In the end, Cain had come to terms with the reality of his current situation, which made him feel a sense of relief.  Due to the fact that he was the last of the Horadrim, he had no choice but to intervene in order to save his people from certain death.  He had arrived at a point where it was far too late to change his mind about the situation.  In the aftermath of Lachdanan's death, demons began to plague Tristram's household.  Archbishop Lazarus led a group of people into the Cathedral in search of Alberecht, but none of them ever returned from their search for Alberecht, which ended in failure.