The world's glaciers have less ice than thought

  • World's glaciers contain less ice than thought, researchers find


    Advances in satellite technology have revealed that Earth's glaciers are significantly less icy than previously thought. According to a study published Monday in Nature Geoscience.

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    The revised estimate reduces global sea level rise by 3 inches if all glaciers melt. But it raises concerns for some communities that rely on seasonal melting from glaciers to feed rivers and irrigate crops. If the glacier has less ice The water will run out faster than expected.

    While some ice naturally melts throughout the year Rising temperatures due to climate change are accelerating the retreat of glaciers. Between 2000 and 2019, these glacial rivers lost about 5.4 trillion tons of water.

    Countries are struggling with missing glaciers. Peru is investing in freshwater desalination to offset the decline in freshwater. And Chile hopes to build artificial glaciers on the mountains.