WOW TBC Claissic:"Experienced Rider" is required to enter the d

  • Blizzard’s developers patched the WoW: Burning Crusade Classic on the server this week. If we want to enter the dungeon of Storm Fortress, we must have the skill "Experienced Rider".

    I wonder if you have encountered a robot that makes high-level dungeons unsafe in WoW: Burning Crusade Classic: The bots in the Nethersturm? They are usually known as fly hackers, and they don't even need to be level 70 to reach and enter the instance. But Blizzard has already figured out how to resist these aliens.

    Characters are now required to have a proficient "Experienced Rider" before entering the three dungeons of Storm Fortress. And also fixed some problems. Fixed an WOW TBC Gold error that occurred when other players joined the spectator mode queue of the war game. In addition, there is a poison effect that the shaman's clean totem can remove. Finally, there was a bug that caused the character to attack with the disappearing villain immediately after being attacked to leave the battle faster than expected.

    If you want to know the detailed instructions, you can read the official specific English patch instructions. In addition, the patch is an update on the server side, so there is no need for us to download new data. Some of the listed changes will take effect immediately after Blizzard’s implementation, while other changes will only take effect after the announced server restarts. However, one thing worth noting is that if there is no client patch, some problems will still be impossible to fix.

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