FIFA 22:Let's learn about Luis Milla's player statistics

  • Luis Milla is a 5'9 CDM with high work efficiency, three-star weak feet and skill moves. At the same time, he also has the characteristics of skillful shooting and organizational core.

    If you already have Luis Milla's FUT 22 Coins player card, or you know him well. Then I believe you must know that he is a very comprehensive midfielder in La Liga. He is a great midfielder worthy of praise in the league we already have in FIFA 22.

    Moreover, for a player of his height, he has very good defensive and physical data similar to Kante. In addition, the engine chemistry style has further improved his already good dribbling and passing data.

    This chemical style is a very good choice for the midfielder. Because it can increase the player's speed to 87 acceleration and 80 sprint speed. These are enough for a center forward. The top dribble can also reach 87 points and 89 overall passes.

    In its defensive data, the only data below 84 points is jumping. However, if there are other players on your team who can make up for the changes, this is not too much of a problem. The fine shooting characteristics are also well played in long-distance shooting.

    When combined with all these statistics and his 96-point stamina, this brings Milla's work time to a full 90 minutes, plus some extra time in La Liga and Spanish teams. If you pair him with Marcos Llorente, Parejo's rule-breaker card or any other La Liga players, then you will surely form a very good team.

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