New World: Game loopholes have a negative impact on the game ec

  • I am very disappointed with the new MMO of New World, because it has closed wealth transfer for the second time this month.

    Amazon chose to close the wealth transfer in the game for the second time this month, which hindered the economy in the game. However, this was because they tried to limit the New World Coins damage caused by repeated mistakes in another item in the game.

    The news about the trophy copy failure began to spread in the New World community last weekend, which allows unscrupulous players to create copies of items in the game at will through the loophole. At the same time, due to the spread of the malfunction, the price of these trophies has plummeted in the game market, which has failed the time, energy and money investment of legitimate players.

    Tosch, the community manager of New World, notified the community players that their developers were aware of the malfunction. And, in response, Tosch stated that players are prohibited from using all forms of wealth transfer during their investigation. In addition, they will take relevant actions against any players who use this vulnerability.

    Although, for the field of online games, replication failure is not a new thing. Because new games usually face thousands of players looking for security vulnerabilities, this kind of thing happens often. However, for New World, this situation seems to be a bit frequent, because it has been a recurring problem less than two months after its release.

    At the beginning of the month, Luxendra, the community manager, had notified players that there was a gold duplication error in the game, which was also one of the many major game failures that plagued players the most at the time. Amazon also shut down wealth transfer at the time, and then they restored it the next day. Then, on November 3, Amazon Buy New World Coins announced that they had banned 1,000 cheaters in one day, and they hoped to create a fair game environment for players.

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