New World: Players are bored with fishing robots

  • New World is like any decent MMO, and since its release, it has become the target of robots. Initially, these robots only focused on fishing and ore gathering, and this is still the case today. They now seem to have expanded to other professions, and most notably, they have even reached a fairly high level. For example, if you have a robot with a level of 30 or higher, it means that you have a lot of fishing experience, and it also shows how long the robot is active.

    Some players said that he saw a large number of robots flooding into his server. And their level is higher now, there are more than 20 levels and more than 30 levels. And they harvested and mined completely effectively. Can this situation be seen again in other servers? He has even reported the same robot three times in three New World Gold days.

    There are many characters in the game that allow players to observe that are clearly not controlled by human players.

    In addition, a player has been tracking a robot and reporting it regularly, but after ten days the robot is still happily conducting business.

    Due to the existence of a large number of robots in the game, the price of the items has dropped, which also makes it impossible for the resources collected by the player to be sold. If players give up collection or resources to make, you can imagine what can happen next.

    If you observe the New World Coins movements of the robots, you will find that they are constantly running their routes over and over again. Sometimes they are only a few seconds apart, and the report is useless.

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