How to find hidden gps tracker for car by yourself

  • Installation-free GPS locator, as the name implies, is a GPS positioning device that does not need to be wired and connected in the car to be called installation-free. So let's talk about the devices that are free of installation.

    1. Strong magnetic wireless GPS locator

    The GPS locator is a wireless locator with a magnet, which can be attached to the car and is not easy to be found, and there are many types that are basically commonly used. It is divided into three months standby, one year standby, three years, and the basic equipment functions are all large and small. The difference is in the capacity of the battery.

    2. OBDGPS Locator

    This device can be directly plugged into the OBD interface in the car to control the vehicle. It is generally easy to find, and the power is also connected to the main power supply in the car to start ignition.

    3. Hidden GPS Locator

    This type of GPS locator is mostly a modified version, and it is possible to camouflage anywhere, such as cigarette lighters, chargers, and car interior decorations.

    The above is the introduction of several hidden gps tracker for car.

    hidden gps tracker for car