What are the benefits of using hidden gps tracker for car?

  • 1. Vehicle tracking

    Using hidden gps tracker for car and platform, the actual position of the vehicle can be displayed in real time, and can be zoomed in, zoomed out, restored, and changed at will; it can move with the target to keep the target on the screen; it can also realize multi-window, multi-vehicle , Multi-screen tracking at the same time. Use this function to track and transport important vehicles and goods.

    2. Position the vehicle

    Some rental companies use the hidden gps tracker for car real-time positioning function to know the location of the taxi at any time.

    3. Monitor vehicles in a timely manner (some can also be monitored on the platform)

    4. Anti-theft

    After enterprises and institutions install the "T" brand hidden gps tracker for car, it can not only reduce the cost for the company, but also greatly reduce the work of the team leader, allowing him to have more time to do other things, and also improve the driver's performance. Safe driving.

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