4G Car GPS TRACKER device installation method

  • (1) Check equipment

    View 4G Car GPS Tracker devices are good, and whether the relevant accessories are complete.

    (2) Install SIM card

    Open the device to place the SIM card into the card. Please avoid excessive damage to the card, and do not perform the operation of the SIM card on the status of the locator device, make sure the SIM card has the Internet function.

    (3) Select the terminal installation location requirements

    A. Waterproof: The position of the non-easy water should be selected to ensure drying of the GPS locator terminal. Be careful from the air-conditioned air outlet to prevent the temperature difference of condensate to seriously affect the service life of the product inside the terminal.

    B. Shocking: The GPS positioner terminal cannot be safely installed in a large position in long-term vibration.

    C. Anti-interference: The GPS positioner terminal should be remote from electronic equipment such as audio and video and interference, preventing interference and radiation interference.