How to use 4g car gps tracker?

  • How to use 4g car gps tracker? The editor will introduce to you the installation steps of 4g car gps tracker.

    Wiring tracker (1) The external power supply 4g car gps tracker must be connected to the car power supply to work for 24 hours. One advantage of the wiring tracker is that it does not need to charge the device, and there is no need to worry about the power failure of the 4g car gps tracker. Work. Of course, as the saying goes, all objects have advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage of the wiring locator is that it is easy to be found where it is installed, and its concealment is poor.

    (2) Installation method. If you know how to install electricity, you can install it yourself. In fact, you only need to find the positive and negative poles of the car power supply. The negative pole is easy to find. The place where the body is grounded is the negative pole. To the battery; it is best to connect to the normal power, that is, not to be affected by the car key switch, and directly lead the power cord from the car battery; note that the 4g car gps tracker must face up, and there must be no metal coverings, because the GPS antenna must accept Satellite signals in outer space; you can also ask related technicians to install them, such as car 4S repair shops, auto and motorcycle repair shops;

    (3) Installation position: The roof lamp above the front windshield; the hidden place in the decorative panel under the front windshield; the hidden place around the front dashboard; in the door partition; inside the front bumper

    (4) Installation points: To avoid damage by criminals, the location of the equipment should be concealed; avoid placing it with the emission source, such as reversing radar; you can use a cable tie to fix the locator, or stick it with Velcro; be sure to ensure the front of the locator Upward (towards the sky); the installation position of the car locator above is the installation position of the car 4g car gps tracker and precautions.