Which built-in cards are usually used for magnetic gps tracker?

  • Now magnetic gps tracker technology has been fully applied, magnetic gps tracker is widely used in the automotive industry. We all know that the magnetic gps tracker transmits information through the built-in SIM card, so as to achieve the purpose of positioning. Therefore, the built-in card of the magnetic gps tracker is very important for the magnetic gps tracker. Which cards do magnetic gps tracker generally use?

    SIM card: The user needs to go to the mobile Unicom business hall to purchase and use the real-name card. It has both traffic and text messages.

    Traffic card: not only can provide traffic services. The traffic card package is based on the package rules of the operator that opened the card. When purchasing the card, consult the package tariff and renewal time of traffic and SMS.

    IOT card: IOT card only has traffic, no short message service, and it will not be a problem if I send a text message by mistake when using IOT card.

    Now people's living standards have improved a lot than before, and many families have also bought cars. The installation of GPS is not only for the car owner to prevent theft, but more importantly, when the driver does not need to make a phone call while driving, he can check the status of the vehicle before logging in to the account, which plays a certain role in safe driving. The price of the magnetic gps tracker is not expensive. The average price of ordinary equipment is between 200-300. The standby time is also very long and there are many functions. You can use the magnetic gps tracker to add a layer of safety protection to your car.

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