New World disabled player to player trades again

  • New World has once again disabled player-to-player trading because of a suspected gold dupe bug. Players need to buy New World Gold formally. The Amazon team took this precaution today in order to investigate the issue and fix it as needed. This is because player server transfers have just been turned back on and the team had to release a fix for a mission that was incorrectly released yesterday.

    While it’s unclear what caused the new gold dupe bug, this temporary disabling of transactions is nothing new to the New World community. Amazon tries to apply the fix as quickly as possible, but unfortunately sometimes players have had to wait to re-enable the feature. This is because player server transfers were disabled last week and have only recently been re-enabled.

    This question happened after a downtime and patch some time ago, but it’s not clear if they are related. The 1.2.2 update was performed to address a widely reported out-of-sync issue and to remove a bunch of tasks that were incomplete and incorrectly enabled in the December build. These quests are incomplete because they are an ongoing build, so they lack rewards and other things. Amazon will allow XP and New World Coins earnings to hold if any player can access and complete these quests, but all progress will reset when it goes live so that everyone can complete these quests for the correct rewards.

    As for the player trade issue, it’s a familiar path. While it’s a pain for those the feature affects whose gaming time being turned off, the problem-solving time usually gets better. Still, there is no estimated timeframe when they expect the problem to be under control, nor are there any plans to take action to correct any negative affects. Of course, players can also buy New World Gold on IGGM.