New World players reveal surprising Collection of Winter Conver

  • Like many MMO-themed events, New World’s Winter Convergence puts a fair amount of pressure on players looking to unlock the best items. Although many players will be able to buy New World Gold to get some useful items in the game. But in this case, the items are likely to attribute foods, not actual gear.

    A Reddit user named AngeloMonharti shared a video showing their newly renovated in-game home, filled with exclusive Winter Convergence furniture. It was especially remarkable to see the house filled with icy furniture and five adorable bunnies sitting at the table. This also makes players want to get more items to decorate their houses. In the usual game, they need to prepare enough New World Coins to get some decorations. In special events, players may need to spend a certain amount of thought to get what they want.

    The walls are white because AngeloMonharti uses dining tables and sideways them to cover the walls, and players willing to replicate this style will mostly need to farm a lot of tokens to buy all the decorations. Considering the Winter Convergence event was originally scheduled to end on January 11, but was extended to January 25 because of its growing popularity, this is something New World players can still do.

    Because this is an MMO with so many unique features, it’s often difficult for newbies to figure out what to do first in New World, especially in a limited-time event like this. However, Angelo Monharti shared their method of earning a lot of tokens by grabbing floating presents on routes other than Monarch’s Bluffs. But players need ranged weapons to hit gifts, meaning other players can get a room like AngeloMonharti with some effort. So they better Buy New World Coins at to get better weapons.

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