New World update fixes some bugs

  • The latest update to New World fixes several issues and removes quests with missing rewards. In Update 12.2, New World developer Amazon Game Studios has fixed an issue causing permanent illness and slow application to player vs player. So players can also New World Coins Buy to make themselves smoother in the game.

    It fixed an issue that allowed the player to jump to cancel the recovery period for shooting a bow. A similar issue is having the player swipe to cancel the animation for Void Blade heavy attacks. A major change in the New World update removes some quests. The developers disabled a series of ongoing quests that were missing certain aspects, most notably the rewards.

    These tasks are temporarily disabled, they will be re-enabled later. Players who complete missions in their current state can keep the experience and New World Gold earned, but progress will be reset so they can complete missions again for the rewards when they re-enable. Players can also buy New World Gold to upgrade themselves for more loot and rewards. Affected missions are Edge of the World, Call Beyond the Void, Stirs the Awakened, The Cursed Blade, and Sensou no Ko.

    Other bugfixes were fixed where “Guardian of the Light” could spawn the wrong mob. Fixed an issue that caused The Surgeon, Pit Lord Daehi, Baines, and Mordici The Mortician to not drop battle trophy materials. This patch also enables players to gain over three levels of Aptitude when crafting a large number of items at once. These will enhance the gaming experience for players, and if they want to have more fun, it is a great option to Buy New World Coins at