New World’s player activity on Steam has dropped over 90% from

  • If players have been following Amazon Game Studios’ release of the once highly expected MMORPG New World, they’ll know that New World’s launch didn’t go as smoothly as they had hoped. Although many players bought New World Coins in advance, according to statistics, within 6 months after the release, players who left Steam in early December have not returned, which has led to a 90% drop in daily active players since the game was launched in September 2021. above.

    Despite its flaws, New World has maintained a following of tens of thousands of players every day. While player counts were significantly below SteamDB’s all-time high off over 900,000 players shortly after launch, it’s not uncommon for active players to drop dramatically once a MMORPG is released. According to Steam’s global achievement statistics, nearly half of all players, or 48%, reached level 30, which is reflected in the “Progress III: Showing What I’m Made Of” achievement.

    But that number plummeted to only 16 reaching level 60 and earning the “Progress VI: That It? What Else You Got?!” achievement. Another interesting stat revolves around the first tier of PvP kills, the “PvP Kills I: Vengeance Granted” achievement, which requires players to kill 500 other players. Steam statistics show that just over 8% of players have completed this achievement. In fact, players can buy New World Gold to improve themselves and complete achievements with ease.

    New World relies heavily on PvP combat as part of its last game, so one would expect a higher percentage of the player base to earn PvP-based achievements in the nearly 6 months after launch. While there are many bugs and exploits in New World, the team has maintained that all issues will be fixed and new content is in development. For some players who still love New World, they can Buy New World Coins at IGGM and get more game guides. Try it!

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