New World endgame update brings more rewards to Expeditions

  • A common complaint with New World is the lack of end-game content. Amazon Games seems to have fixed this in a recent update. As promised, Expedition Mutations will take regular Expeditions and add challenging new modifiers that offer even greater rewards. Players can buy New World Coins to upgrade themselves and get rewards.

    Entering the Mutated Expedition requires the player to complete the regular Expedition in order to get its Codex. Players who complete an Expedition for the first time will also be rewarded with a Mutated Expedition Tuning Orb, which is required to start a Mutated Expedition. Players can craft a Mutated Expedition Orb per week, and it can purchase additional Orbs from the faction store.

    Mutated Expeditions rotate weekly, and each Mutation has 10 difficulty levels. Players can climb difficulty levels by completing Mutated Expeditions with high scores. The new scoring system keeps track of enemies killed, completion times, respawns, and team wipes, then gives the run a bronze, silver, or gold rating. Progress doesn’t require gold in the run, but it probably doesn’t hurt. So players better buy New World Gold to get some useful items.

    Mutations are divided into three categories: Elemental, Promotions, and Curses. Elemental Mutations add elemental damage to every enemy in the Expedition, and increase resistance to that element. Promotions give enemies new abilities, and curses inflict debuffs on players. Enduring all these Mutations and climbing the difficulty ladder will reward players with new Umbral Shards, which can upgrade Gear Score from 590 to 625. They can also upgrade a player’s Expertise from 600 to 625. Umbral Shards can also be got from Gypsum Casts and crafting after reaching 600 Expertise. Players can also Buy New World Coins at IGGM and get more game guides.

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