Some information players need to know about the New World PTR p

  • New World recently received a brand new PTR update, which brings a lot of interesting changes to the game. For those who don’t know, the PTR of New World is like the public beta of other games. Although the server capacity is much smaller, players can see some features earlier. Not all the features of PTR will enter the final version. Players must prepare enough New World Gold. Here is some news about PTR.

    In this PTR version, the developers introduced a new endgame feature: Expedition Mutators! Mutators change changes familiar things by adding the “Normal” and “Named” enemies found in the expedition, changing the way of encounters and the strategies players should consider before fighting. As the battle changes, the rewards also change. So players need to buy New World Coins. They can also find new bespoke gear and resources to provide additional ways to increase their power level.

    The system rotates a unique combination of Expeditions and Mutations once a week, and each Expedition Mutation has 10 difficulty levels. Players will face the challenge of climbing a ladder, and the goal is to reach the maximum difficulty in the end. However, in this PTR cycle, these rotations will be scheduled on a sped up schedule so that everyone plays various mutations in several end-game Expeditions.

    Please note that the “Recommended Gear Score” level of Mutated Expedition is very important because it directly affects the size of the enemy. Therefore, this is a chance for players to succeed. But this battle ratio is personal to each player, separate from the health and damage that increase the basic difficulty. Developers expect higher levels of difficulty to be very difficult, so they will be very interested in group outcomes and scores, especially those who think they are highly competitive or highly skilled. In order to adapt to this month’s PTR game test, players will receive 600 Gear Score loadout. If players want to succeed in PTR, they need to prepare enough New World Gold.