New World wants to use Expedition mutators to improve the game

  • Amazon’s goal is to improve the endgame experience in its fantasy MMO New World through a new feature called “expedition mutators”, which will change the complexity and difficulty of combat encounters and provide players with better rewards, including “New bespoke gear and resources” to the challenge. If players want to get these rewards, then they must prepare enough New World Coins.

    Amazon explained in a blog post Mutators change familiar things by adding ‘Normal’ and ‘Named’ Enemies found during the expedition, changing the way of encounters and the strategies players should consider before fighting. This system rotates a unique combination of Expeditions and Mutations once a week, and each Expedition Mutation has 10 difficulty levels. Players will face the challenge of climbing a ladder, and the goal is to reach the maximum difficulty in the end.

    They will base expedition scores on a combination of multiple factors, including total time, enemy kills, player respawns, etc. If you do well enough in mutated expedition, players will enter the next mutator difficulty level and get bigger and better rewards. But this is difficult. Amazon warns that the recommended Gear Scores are important for mutated expeditions because it directly affects the size of the enemy, and higher difficulty is expected to be extremely difficult. So players had better buy New World Coins to strengthen themselves.

    Expedition mutator can now be used in the New World public testing area. In order to facilitate the test and ensure that players can get a series of mutations in multiple endgame expeditions, the mutator rotation will be sped up during the test. One of the three expeditions—Dynasty Shipyard, Garden of Genesis, or Lazarus Instrumentality—will mutate every 48 hours. All players on the test server will get a Gear Score loadout of 600 to start, and “generous sum of keys to run Expeditions”, and provide all PTR players with the maximum loadout (Gear Score 625) test in the last week, so everyone can Properly run under the 10-level difficulty mutation. If players want to go more smoothly, they can prepare enough New World Gold.