New World Winter Convergence extended for being too popular

  • Amazon Game Studios announced on the New World forum that the Winter Convergence event will last longer than expected. The Winter Convergence event is taking place at New World, and while it was originally planned to end on January 11, it has now been extended.

    In a post on the forum, Amazon said that because they saw an amazing turnout from the event, they extended the event until January 25th! Please note that all unopened gifts and unused event tokens will disappear at the end of the event. They can also prepare enough New World Gold to make themselves more fun. Additionally, players can get all Winter Convergence giveaway items from January 21st to January 25th.

    Players will need to grab any items they may have missed during this time. Because they may never see them again! The event includes several quests and items exclusive to Winter Convergence, so New World players will want to use the extra time to make sure they get everything they can from the event or buy New World Coins to get some items.

    Amazon recently released experimental features to the New World public test realm. These features include Expedition Mutators that will improve endgame content. The mutators transform familiar enemies by adding ‘normal’ and ‘named’ enemies found in expeditions. In effect, they change how encounters are played and what players need to do to win, and there are better rewards for using them. New custom gear and resources can be found, and they can also buy New World Gold to better boost their power levels.