For Malaysian curly hair, here are five basic upkeep suggestion

  • Malaysian virgin hair is considered to be one of the highest-quality hair extensions currently available in the marketplace. Choosing the right kind of hair is vital. The extension of choice for women who prefer low-maintenance hair that seems natural and preserves its natural appearance over time. How well-versed in Malaysian curly hair do you consider yourself to be? Continuing down the page, you'll find some simple upkeep suggestions.


    No scent, no shedding, and tangle free; 100 percent virgin Malaysian hair weave has a luscious texture and is pleasant to the touch. It has a silky and shiny sheen. Virgin Malaysian curly hair weave is claimed to shed minimally, however a regular quantity for curly textures is observed to shed on average. There are many various textures of Malaysian curly hair weave available, including straight, wavy, and curly. Most people, however, prefer curly hair from Malaysia. Virgin Malaysian curly hair holds its curls exceptionally well and mixes extremely nicely with the rest of the hair. A lot of hydration and maintenance are required for this hair because of its virgin curly structure.

    Basic hair care for curly hair in Malaysia includes the following five recommendations:
    It is never a good idea to brush curly hair weave after it has dried completely. Use a Denman brush or a wide toothed comb only while your hair is wet, and only when it's wet. When your hair is dry, you can comb it with a broad tooth comb, but don't comb it more than twice a day because excessive combing causes shedding and frizzing of your curly weave.

    If you straighten your hair more than twice a month, you can damage it; preferably, avoid straightening it at all because it is human weave hair, which will break if exposed to strong heat for an extended period of time. 3. To iron your clothes, use a low heat setting and avoid using a blow dryer at all costs.

    Having your curly weave regularly untangled will assist to keep it looking beautiful for a longer period of time. Brushing your curly hair when it is dry can cause it to poof, but this is dependent on the type of brush you are using to undo the tangling. Using a shower comb or a wide tooth comb, you can gently comb the weave. Begin with the base and work your way up to the track and back again.

    Use your fingers instead of brushes to eliminate tangles. Brushing the tangles will just make them worse, so avoid brushing. It is also possible to use a spray detangle to assist in removing tangles. To avoid brushing your hair, you can use a wide-toothed comb rather as a brush. The use of a comb will also be more effective when hair is wet or moist.

    If your hair is wet, don't sleep on it. As a final step before going to bed, ensure that your hair is dehydrated. Aside from that, it is recommended that you wrap your hair together or carefully tie it up to avoid tangling.

    5.When shampooing, be certain that your hair is not tangled or piled on top of your head. 6. This causes hair to become tangled. Instead, gently wash vertically in a single direction alone, as if you were washing clothes. Make sure to use a gentle shampoo and to invest in high-quality products. It is essential that you treat your extensions as if they were your own human hair weaves.