Entertaining members evening via zoom meeting

  • A virtual members' evening took place for the second time as a zoom conference to ring in the football year 2022 together. Members, committee representatives and players should be able to talk to each other without any hurdles - from the comfort of their own sofa. And that worked wonderfully, also thanks to Thorben Deters and Manuel Farrona Pulido, who were in a good mood, who were not at a loss for a quick answer and presented themselves as openly and sympathetically as the entire team has been doing for months.

    The topics were varied. The stadium and the new training pitches were addressed by the President, as was the mission statement process. The currently ongoing analysis in the area of ​​member appreciation and merchandising was also briefly on the agenda. But in the end, most of the questions revolved around the sport. You could learn a lot about the inner workings of the team. Deters and Farrona Pulido chatted openly about their first few months on Hammer Strasse and how they experienced special events – such as the Wolfsburg drama – up close.

    It was an entertaining round that produced one or the other anecdote and made for cheerful moments. For example, when club president Christoph Strässer and Thorben Deters met for a bacon board duel in Südpark. But even if it was a nice evening, we all hope that Corona-related online meetings with fans will soon be a thing of the past.

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