Path of Exile each generic Currency item and its function

  • In Path of Exile, instead of using gold, players will trade various items such as orbs and scrolls. These POE Currency can be exchanged for better items or used on their own. For example, Scrolls of Wisdom can be used to identify previously unidentified items, but players can also use them as currency for some vendors.

    There are more than 20 kinds of POE Currency in the game, and each currency is used for different purposes. Players need to constantly collect various POE Currency, in order to buy powerful weapons and equipment, so as to improve their strength.

    Common Currency is a common item type that players will encounter when traveling through the Wraeclast. Each of these POE Currency is not denominated at the same price. For example, Exalted Orb is more valuable than Portal Scroll, so players can get more items. Exalted Orb is also the base currency if players want to trade valuables with other players.

    Common Currency can be used at vendors, but players can also use these items on their own gear. Overall, it's a good thing to have some extra stuff in the player's storage space. Instead of using all base currency items at the start of the game, try saving them for later. For some players, earning POE Currency in-game may not be the best way. Therefore, players can choose to Buy POE Currency on POECurrency.