Path of Exile's 3.17 expansion lets players build their own end

  • Path of Exile has a lengthy main story and a massive non-linear Atlas Of Worlds endgame. The first half involves mass killings, while the second half is an interdimensional hunt for POE 3.17 Currency and Glory. Grinding Gear Games wants to do just that with the free Siege of the Atlas expansion, which arrives on February 4. Players can choose POECurrency to buy POE Currency.

    One of the highlights that defines Path of Exile is its quarterly challenge leagues. Every three months, a new side story or game modifier is added to the set to help refresh the experience of completing the main story for new characters. While several of the oldest and least popular leagues have recently been retired, the vast majority are still playable through Atlas. A major focus of this expansion is to let players create their own endgame experiences by picking past league content and mixing it into Atlas as they Buy POE Currency.

    While the main story of Path of Exile has remained largely unchanged since 2017, Atlas has been a much more active place, going through several story arcs, each introducing new extradimensional villains to beat and pillage. Siege of the Atlas introduces two more, each with the goal of devouring all existence.

    Every map on Atlas has a bonus objective, and completing it earns POE Currency, which is used to buy a huge skill grid of Atlas modifiers. It doesn't change the player's character, but instead modifies what the entire atlas encounters. There are only so many points and tons of potential unlocks, so every player should ultimately have their own personalized endgame with their favorite monsters and loot scattered across each environment type.