Path of Exile Siege of the Atlas sets new record for highest co

  • The latest Path of Exile expansion, Siege of the Atlas, lets players build their own POE Currency by revamping the world atlas, which is basically the core of the game right now. Seven players have already beaten the expansion by taking down godlike beings The Maven, The Searing Exarch, and The Eater of Worlds by taking them down in the Hardcore Solo Self-found Archnemesis League, which is really impressive but probably gibberish if you don't play Path of Exile and never have.

    Perhaps more understandably, the now-aged action RPG has set a new record for peak concurrent players: 270,260 concurrent players over the weekend, says Grinding Gear Games. This is a peak since Path of Exile launched eight years ago in October 2013. Apparently, the peak build started on Friday the 4th, but it kept going up, so Abrasives can only be sure that it wasn't surpassed until today.

    Path of Exile's latest expansion, Siege of the Atlas, allows players to play in a world atlas by mixing and matching levels, drawing inspiration from the entire eight years of gaming history. This means that almost all of the old content is unlocked and players can use it to chase new bosses and some old ones. At the same time, players will also gain POE Currency while challenging tasks.

    There's also a whole new, massive skill grid, but instead of applying modifiers to their characters, they apply modifiers to the player's World Atlas playlist. Players can now ensure their favorite monsters, loot and environments are always present in their personalized end-game experience. In addition, if players want to buy POE Currency, they can choose POECurrency.

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