Preparations for Path Of Exile Archnemesis

  • With all the new additions in Path Of Exile's Siege of the Atlas expansion pack, it's easy to forget that update 3.17 also brings the start of the new Archnemesis Challenge League. The main mechanic of Archnemesis is to insert modifiers into petrified monsters and get rewards, which is actually pretty simple. But not every modifier descends on its own, and not every combination yields a direct result.

    Most modifiers are the result of special recipes, and modifiers created this way tend to have the most powerful effects and allow players to quickly POE Currency Buy. However, the game itself doesn't have a list of recipes, just a vague hint system highlighting possible combinations.

    Preparing for Path Of Exile is as complicated as everything else in the game, especially at the start of the league. However, there are several ways to make the leveling experience smoother for players. The earliest available option is the vendor recipe crafting system, which allows players to earn POE Currency by selling specific combinations of items to vendors in game towns.

    If players are new to the system, we're here to help players understand some of the best vendor recipes for league starts in Path Of Exile. The process of crafting with vendor recipes is pretty straightforward, however, it's not explained in the game, so here's a quick breakdown for brand new players. To use vendor recipes, players simply place the desired item in any vendor's sales window.

    If the player has the correct combination, the vendor's offer section will show the item being upgraded or created. In the event of missing or incorrect components to the player, the vendor will return various POE Currency shards as in any other sale.

    On the first character of each alliance, it's hard to find weapons with decent damage in the early stages of the campaign. Thankfully, there are some useful vendor recipes that can set players up for powerful early game weapons. Players use these recipes to successfully progress through the first half of the campaign and beyond. Remember, if you have a strong demand for POE Currency, you must choose POECurrency.