How to fight the new Black Star boss in Path Of Exile?

  • The Siege Of The Atlas expansion pack has arrived, bringing four new endgame bosses to Path Of Exile. There is a new story progression that will guide players through the Atlas and into these new battles, each with some deadly new mechanics, and players earn POE Currency by completing them. Black Star is particularly unique and can easily crush unsuspecting people. If players want to get started before entering the Polar Void, we're here to help.

    The entire Black Star battle revolves around the center of the arena. When players load into the Polar Void, they will immediately notice the center sphere. That sphere emitted two flames, dividing the arena into a fire-red half and an ice-blue half. The Earth will rotate throughout the fight and move halfway with it. Each side inflicts stacking debuffs on the player, making them more vulnerable to this type of damage and its associated ailments. However, they also take less damage of the opposite type. This is the key to surviving Black Star's most dangerous attack.

    Black Star possesses two extremely powerful abilities: Astral Avalanche and Solar Storm. If the player has a matching debuff, these attacks will kill them almost instantly. However, with the opposite debuff, they don't do any damage at all. Black Star's other attacks, including those used by his clone, also deal massive fire and cold damage. Thankfully, players can also reduce POE Currency by sticking to the right part of the arena. Black Star seems to switch elements after astral avalanches and solar storms, so jump to the other half at the end.

    Luckily, getting into Black Star's battle is pretty straightforward. When fighting Black Star for the first time, players simply follow the quest steps given to them by Envoy and Kirac to complete Atlas. All of this requires activating the Searing Bishop's influence on the player's map device to complete higher level maps. Once a player has defeated a level 12 or higher map boss with Searing Bishop's influence, they will receive an arctic invitation to drop into their map device to begin combat. It is best for players to prepare some POE Currency in advance when the battle starts. I suggest that players can POE Currency Buy on POECurrency.