Path of Exile Patch 3.17.1 Bug Fixes

  • Developer GGG revealed a few things players can look forward to later this week. Path of Exile Patch 3.17.1 will bring improvements and bug fixes to Archnemesis League and Siege of the Atlas content.

    A few things will change with regards to Officer Kirac, the NPCs that introduce players to the map system, and the World Atlas. Regardless, completing unique maps will no longer count towards the player's maximum map level for completing Atlas and Kirac quests. Additionally, players will be able to sell items to Kirac to earn POE Currency once the update is released.

    That said, some changes can be expected. On the one hand, the area of effect of the Eater of Worlds' Ultimate Slam ability has been increased. Additionally, Elemental, Physical, and Chaos damage as implied health modifiers have incorrect values. So when the patch drops, it will vary between 0.2% and 1.1%.

        Added stash tag search for Searing Bishop and POE Currency,
        Fixed a bug where the "Death and Rebirth" and "Safe Passage" quests could not be submitted if the player had entered the Karui Shore,
        Fixed a bug where the UI of the Searing Bishop and Eater of Worlds Altar could reappear after the player selects an option,
        The Manifest Dancing Dervishes skill, triggered by The Dancing Dervish Unique Item, now has a chance to get a Rampage Kill when minions hit rare or unique enemies (previously there were only unique enemies).
        Fixed a bug preventing Shift+V from undoing Expedition blast placement,
        Fixed a bug where shapeshifting monsters were sometimes unkillable,
        Fixed a bug that caused obscuring and crafting modifiers to be disabled for non-aura skills that don't cost mana or life while focused,
        Fixed a bug where crafted modifiers for fire, cold and lightning damage added to bows used the values ??for one-handed weapons instead of two-handed weapons,
        Fixed a bug where helmet enchantments that provided modifiers for marker duration could still be obtained.

    Finally, in the process of fixing these bugs, players can try to POE Currency Buy at POECurrency.