Path Of Exile Eater of Worlds boss battle guide

  • Need to work with the new Eater of Worlds Boss in Path Of Exile? The Siege of Atlas has arrived and brings four new endgame bosses to Path of Exile. Two of them are considered pinnacle bosses: The Searing Bishop and The Eater of Worlds. While Archbishop's combat is fairly straightforward, Eater of Worlds has some unique mechanics that can destroy the unprepared.

    Eventually, Eater of Worlds will float in the air and fire a blue beam to the ground. This beam generates an expanding energy field that deals significant damage over time and tracks players around the arena. Players can go beyond the beam or heal through it, but the degeneration field will expand until it covers the arena.

    Just like the Searing Archbishop, all players need to do is follow the endgame quest steps of Kirac and the Envoy to reach the Eater of Worlds. Advance in Atlas, defeat the Infinite Hunger, then run tier 13, 14, 15 and 16 maps under the influence of The Eater to earn their Path of Exile Currency. Defeat this story version of the boss to grab the Void Stone, which will level up all maps in the player's Atlas. Players can also earn another invite by completing 24 maps with The Eater influence level 14+.

    Keep in mind that the second repeatable version of the fight is tougher. This Eater of Worlds will have more health and higher damage, especially if the player rolls extra modifiers on the invite. That's all it takes to avoid being devoured by the Eater of Worlds! Like most new Battle for Atlas battles, this one is easy to handle once players understand the arena mechanics. However, players need to earn POE Currency as much as possible in this battle, and they can buy POE Currency in POECurrency.