Path of Exile introduces Kirac's Vault

  • Kirac's Vault is a battle pass type system for Path of Exile by Grinding Gear Games. The new purchasable pass will work alongside the existing free challenge system for players who want more flair along the way.

    The pass is available now for PC (which will eventually come with consoles) for $30, and players can get eight special skins that provide alternate looks to some of the popular game weapons and items. Skins are completely cosmetic and just give players extra effects. While players are playing Battle for Atlas, they may have completed certain objectives that will unlock skins they can obtain POE Currency.

    Players can buy the pass before the season ends, so if they've already completed certain objectives when they buy the pass, they'll be unlocked automatically. Because players need to get the only stats that work with these skins, and since the pass doesn't give players weapons, it's all cosmetic, which might be a reason to hold off for a while.

    This system will work alongside the existing free reward system that Battle for Atlas is currently working on. There's a progress bar that keeps track of how much POE Currency the player has earned, and once the player completes the objective for one of the skins, they can go to Kirac's Vault and claim it.

    The skins players can unlock can sometimes look ferocious, but they don't offer combat or POE Currency. For example, if a player completes 84 map bonus objectives, they will unlock the Titan's skin, which sends a bolt of lightning at the player after they hit an enemy. The Bloodthirsty Headhunter skin will cause the player's enemy's head to explode when the player steals an enemy's abilities. But it's all just cool effects, even if they make the player's attacks look more brutal. Therefore, players need to collect POE Currency as soon as possible while completing the task, and they can Buy POE Currency in POECurrency.