Siege of the Atlas brings new endgames and missions

  • We recently saw an expansion of Path of Exile on PC thanks to the arrival of Siege of the Atlas, and it's time for console players to have the same fun, with the development team rolling out the biggest expansion of the past year, bringing a New endgames, new story missions, bosses and more.

    Siege of the Atlas is the latest Path of Exile fan game after seeing the base game released on consoles in 2017, and then building on it a bit over time.

    It's the largest expansion pack for the game on Xbox and PlayStation in the past 12 months and includes many new ideas: the Archnemesis Challenge League, a revamp of the entire endgame including new story missions, new unique and POE Currency items, four more A pinnacle boss, and game balance improvements.

    The best way to dive into these is to check out Siege of the Atlas' key feature set...
            Four Pinnacle Bosses: The new storyline caps off four new pinnacle bosses for players looking for even more challenges. These bosses may drop a range of new and unique items of great value.
          Endgame Item Crafting: Players can master the Eldritch Implicit Modifier system to improve their best items. The new POE Currency item allows them to craft powerful new implicit modifiers on items, giving them new build opportunities.
           Game Balance Improvements: Spellcasters and Archers have been the target of a large selection of balance buffs, so they are more competitive with Path of Exile's best builds.

    You'll need the base game of Path of Exile to enjoy what Siege of the Atlas has to offer, but from there, you'll need to patiently sit back and wait for the new expansion pack to arrive. You should see it anytime now. If you don't have the base game, please buy Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S from the Xbox Store, and players also need to buy POE Currency in POECurrency.

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