Players join Commander Chirac's militia to defend Atlas and Valcras from these predators. This massive endgame expansion pack includes a new Atlas system, pinnacle bosses, a massive Atlas passive skill tree, Eldritch implicit endgame crafting, a new unique POE Currency, Archnemesis Challenge Alliance, and more.

Commander Kirac established a base in the Karui Islands with several map devices. He has heard rumors of your valor and invites you to join his militia in order to scout Atlas for the threat to the Wraeclast. You meet Maven and discover that there are two new terrifying horrors here: the Searing Bishop and the Eater of Worlds. They have to stop before consuming everything.

Most Atlas mechanics have been reworked to create deeper systems that are easier to understand. Regions have been removed, so your Atlas specialization affects every map you run. Where you previously collected 16 Watchstones, you must now acquire 4 Netherstones, which allow you to level up all maps on your Atlas until they are unified to tier 16. Sextants can be applied to the Void Stone and are itemized and traded. Commander Kirac offers a wide variety of Atlas objectives to add valuable content to your map.

In the Archnemesis League, you'll build your own rare boss battles by applying new monster modifiers to petrified monsters scattered across various areas. These modifiers add dangerous behavior to their targets, but also instill valuable POE Currency into them. Every subsequent petrified monster you instill in an area will apply all previous modifiers, allowing you to set up some extremely difficult and rewarding encounters. Therefore, players had better prepare some POE Currency in advance, and they can choose to buy POE Currency on