SWTOR Legacy Of The Sith Review: Expansion (and Galactic) Split

  • Developed by BioWare and published by EA, Star Wars: The Old Republic recently released its tenth anniversary expansion: Legacy of the Sith. Despite what BioWare has been advertising, the latest addition to the Star Wars MMORPG isn't impressive and undermines some of the game's greatest strengths. The final product also has some lingering bugs and glitches that hinder the overall enjoyment and diminish the narrative potential of Republic and Empire players.

    Unlike other Star Wars: The Old Republic expansions, Legacy of the Sith explores a more traditional Star Wars story by pitting the protagonist (player character) against a renegade Sith lord. The story begins with Manaan, where each faction leads military operations to defend or conquer the aquatic planet in order to control its medical production. However, the story was quickly reoriented to take on Darth Margos, a Sith villain who appeared in previous SWTOR Flashpoints and missions. Like Valcorian in Knights of the Eternal Empire, Darth Margos disagreed with Jedi and Sith ideology and sought to establish his own universal order. Unfortunately, Legacy of the Sith's brevity undermines its story potential and prevents Margos from developing into a more unique character.

    SWTOR features primarily third-person combat, where players can choose from eight unique classes. The most notable differences are between Force-sensitive (Jedi and Sith) and non-Force-sensitive (bounty hunters, Imperial agents, smugglers, and soldiers). Each class is split into DPS, Support, or Tank combat roles, but Update 7.0 to Legacy of the Sith adds new combat styles, unlocking new SWTOR Credits for both player allegiance. This allows players to leverage the abilities of their light-side or dark-side counterparts and open up new ways to experience the game, but it comes at a high price. The plethora of abilities BioWare reworked during the 7.0 update has completely destroyed popular character builds. While new players won't be inconvenienced, it's a gross oversight of the game's combat mechanics, leaving veteran players disappointed and stressed as they rebuild and retool their gear.

    BioWare excels at creating engaging RPGs with meaningful player choices, but SWTOR has recently introduced players to linear storylines. The choice of the light and dark sides still affects the player character's rating, but the story doesn't offer enough meaningful change to make the protagonist's choice matter. While the story is great and provides players with an even more exciting Star Wars story, players are constantly bombarded with glitches and bugs that hinder gameplay. Vanishing enemies, auto-reload reloads, vanishing artifact slots, and cosmetic items can all appear at inopportune times. Therefore, players need to earn some SWTOR Credits for various challenges, and they can choose to buy SWTOR Credits on IGGM. Combined with only five to six hours of gameplay and cutscenes, these shortcomings inevitably leave players wanting more. Thankfully, Legacy of the Sith offers players of the Republic and Empire a unique adventure, a major improvement over shared expansions like Knights of the Eternal Empire.