Why is Legacy of the Sith so disappointing?

  • Despite the month-long delay, SWTOR's player base has flooded Reddit and the official SWTOR site with complaints about glitches, unwanted quality-of-life changes, and bugs that may have gone unnoticed during playtests.

    Players will encounter several new characters and lead various military operations on Earth. However, the focus soon shifted to Dasmarguez. BioWare has used Darth Margos of the Old Republic as a villain several times before, but a new plan from the traitor Sith could shake the foundations of the galaxy. Players can now reach level 80 and face a new Flashpoint on Elom, an action that will be launched in the future.

    The welcome for new Star Wars: The Old Republic expansions has generally been positive, with the recent additions of Onslaught and Knights of the Eternal Throne providing players with an exciting narrative, SWTOR Credits and exciting planetary possibilities.

    BioWare attempted a number of changes and improvements in SWTOR's Legacy of the Sith expansion pack, including changes to the UI. As an MMO launched a decade ago, many features in Star Wars: The Old Republic are noticeably outdated and could be a barrier to entry for some players. BioWare tried to solve this problem by introducing new UI elements, but the final product backfired. These changes have many players complaining about the update.

    A key component of any MMO is organizing a character's abilities and strengths, ensuring that players can easily use the appropriate attacks in combat. SWTOR has UI customizers that allow players to move their various abilities across the screen, but this doesn't counteract the effects of the LOTS changes. Therefore, players need to buy SWTOR Credits, IGGM is a popular website recently.