SWTOR 7.1 PTS rolls out new Operation Boss and UI fixes

  • BioWare has released parts of the PTS 7.1 update, including the first 3 bosses of the new R4 anomalous actions in SM and HM, as well as some tweaks to the UI and other bug fixes. We're still missing the 2 remaining bosses in the new operation, the new daily area on the Manaan, and the ability to put weapons in the arsenal.

    BioWare says they plan to release an update with a ton of bug fixes and UI tweaks, many of which were fixed on the 7.1 PTS, and the update will happen before 7.1 is released, so something like 7.0.1 or 7.0.0a. My suggestion is that players can prepare some SWTOR Credits in advance, they can try to buy SWTOR Credits at IGGM.

    On the PTS, we can see some planned UI changes that should appear in Live games prior to 7.1. I find it interesting that BioWare doesn't acknowledge complaints that the UI looks bad, only pointing to fixes that help reduce the source of migraines, eyestrain, and phobias. It's fair to fix the medical issues first, but a lot of these fixes seem to just make the UI look better, and I've heard a lot more about this than the medical issues mentioned.

    The difference is that the PTS version has a less visible inventory slot. The Currency tab still contains SWTOR Credits that are no longer in use, such as Unassembled Components and Masterwork Data Crystals, although I no longer see our SWTOR Credits on the FPO screen. Every time you open your inventory in a different way, the game will still remember the last tab you opened instead of going back to the inventory tab every time. The stock screen looks a little better in my opinion, although I don't think the current version on Live is as scary as some people think. Hopefully other issues with the stock UI will be fixed before the next update.