Path of Exile Skill Points: Every Skill Book in the PoE Campaig

  • Path of Exile's 10-act campaign includes a number of side quests that reward skill books. These one-time consumables provide additional skill points to the player's passive tree and are an important part of character building.

    After defeating Kitava in Chapter 10 to complete the campaign, you can enter "/passives" in the chat window to return to the passive point reward list. It's a great way to check if you missed anything, but it's not an option until you've completed that character's campaign. Refer to the list above throughout the campaign to POE Items Buy.

    A notable absence from the above list is the Act 2 mission "Dealing with the Bandit". The mission has you encounter three different bandits spread across Act 2, and offers a choice of either killing all three bandits or helping one bandit by killing their opponents. Killing all three bandits directly rewards two passive skill points, not as a skill book. Helping the Bandit grants different POE Currency depending on the Bandit you choose to help.

    In many cases, killing all three bandits is the best option. However, helping Alila is often a good option for an early-league role. Alira provides mana regeneration, critical strike multiplier, and +15% to all elemental resistances. These resistances are very useful when starting over without gear. Additionally, the crit multiplier makes helping Alira the best option for characters who are heavily invested in crit scaling. Helping out Kraityn or Oak is almost never a good option, as their rewards are rarely more than two additional passive points.

    Thankfully, you also have the option to trade with bandits at any time. If you sell 20 Regret Balls and an Amulet to any vendor, you will receive an item that changes your Bandit reward based on the type of amulet. The Emerald Amulet will reward Kraityn, the Amber Amulet will reward Oak, the Lapis Amulet will reward Alira, and the Onyx Amulet will reward both passive points. Many players will help Alira get their first character in each league, then re-enter two passive points at higher levels. At the same time, players can also earn some POE Currency before completing character challenges. POECurrency is a good place to buy POE Currency.