Path of Exile aims to bring controller support to PC via patch

  • If you've been playing Grinding Gear Games' hit game Path of Exile and hoped for official support for using a controller, you seem to be in luck. When players experience new stories, they need to continuously harvest POE Orbs, which is very helpful for game upgrades.

    Path of Exile has been around for about 5 years on consoles, but controller support for PC hasn't officially been available yet. Despite third-party keymaps, using a controller isn't the simple plug-and-play experience players want, and Grinding Gear Games finally wants to do something about it. In the upcoming patch 3.17.3, PC players will be introduced to the Gamepad Beta, a new option in the settings.

    Controller support will remain beta until the 3.18.0 extension is released. The addition of gamepad support is also great news for Path of Exile gamers looking to use the new Steam deck to play their game of choice. The update to PC controller support will no doubt make a lot of players very happy, as GGG continues its stellar 2022, which started off with a bang as Path of Exile hit its peak concurrent player count in February.

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